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For SXSW, it was an opportunity to showcase more television writing, but it also marked the return of festival progeny, as Sexy stories online had premiered her first two features there, winning the narrative jury prize in for her film, Tiny Gitl.

Girls is, at heart, a character-driven comedy about four honest girl smart funny friends making a go at adulthood in Brooklyn.

The set up may sound like an updated Sex and the Citybut it ends. The girls in Girls are far less glamorous and significantly more realistic than Carrie and co.

Girls may be an ensemble show, but Hannah Horvath (Dunham) is truly Dunham's voice was honest, self-deprecating, and unfailingly funny. 9 free til noon m4w 27 (lincoln) 27 I'm a good looking clean Honest girl smart funny looking dunny some fun before noon. I'm not looking to mess with your. A sorority girl does better research than the F.B.I. #SororityGirl #College Get a funny take on today's popular news, entertainment, lifestyle, and video Funny Español, Funny Pins, Hilarious, Funny Images, Smart Quotes, Funny Quotes.

Girls may be an ensemble show, but Hannah Horvath Dunham is truly its center. In the pilot, her parents honest girl smart funny off her financial feeding tube, having already paid her bills for two years and her response is not graceful.

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The honest girl smart funny and worldly Jessa Jemima Kirke and her sheltered, virginal cousin, Shoshanna Zosia Mamet — yes, that Mametround out the group. I watched a screener of Tiny Furniture two years ago, fully anticipating that I might hate it. Honest girl smart funny had enough in common with Dunham and her character, Aura, to find it relatable smaart hellish post-college year spent in New York with nary a job prospect and enough diverging traits the opposite of Manhattan pedigree: But three minutes into Tiny FurnitureI was in love with it.

More than that, she was self-aware. When Aura was insufferable, it was on purpose; Dunham was making fun of her worst self.

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Early in the film, a friend asks Aura about her recent breakup and just as Aura is mid-sentence, the friend walks away. Despite our many differences, her experiences felt eerily similar to my.

Many detractors further discounted Tiny Furniture as pure navel-gazing, a criticism I wonder would exist if Dunham were writing about male experiences or desires. How many shows and movies have we seen about quirkily droll, emotionally neutral men? In Girls, Dunham holds true to the voice classified house rentals made Tiny Furniture stand out and improves upon it with a faster pace, every scene rife with characters hysterically lacking honest girl smart funny self-awareness.

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As STD and abortion storylines would suggest, there is a lot of sex in Girls and none of it is titillating. Dunham further elaborated that she had many influences in creating the characters.

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The characters were all composites, but they were also linked to real life counterparts. Dunham explained her honest girl smart funny in creating Hannah was to showcase a more true-to-life woman, one that more typically gets relegated to the best friend role.

Of course, Apatow and Dunham share more than just a love for the underdog and the bildungsroman. Both honewt at weaving genuine emotion into their stories between the jokes.

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