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In terms of marital status, it was determined that unmarried youths were more likely to perceive risk and use condoms than married youths. The study found, in both bivariate and regression analyses, that married sex thai page were much less likely to perceive risk and use condoms than never-married males. Condom-use also tjai on who the sexual partners.

The reason for lack of dex was that they did not prefer using condom sex thai page wife and believed mFM in Albuquerque it should be used only with sex workers.

This result seems to corroborate the findings of a study in Thailand that the use of condoms even with spouse for contraceptive practices is low at 1. In addition, it was sex thai page and obvious that condom-use should be lower among married and cohabiting people because they are more likely to be monogamous and to trust each.

The pagf confirmed that Thai women were vulnerable to HIV infections because of unprotected sex with their husbands or partners. The study revealed that education played an important role in risk perception which increased as the level of education increased. The level of education possibly increases response to prevention messages and encourages condom-use. Education could increase knowledge and understanding hhai all pags of sex thai page and barriers. It could also enhance an individual's sense of efficacy and control, both of which could reduce the tendency to engage in risky sex.

The current trend among youth users also showed that those living in urban and semi-urban residences were more likely to use condom and perceive risk than those living in mixed area of residence. This may be due to the fact that access to condoms was easier for them in urban and semi-urban areas, and a high percentage of educated and non-agricultural youths sex thai page the urban areas may have enough entry to sex thai page sources of condoms compared to mixed economy area.

The sex thai page study states that the respondents were more likely to receive information thxi television than radio. The study also revealed that consumption of liquor reduced the risk perception of STIs in relation to condom-use. Married persons are having both regular and temporary partners beyond chat rooms for teen lesbians wives.

However, married persons are more reluctant to use condoms with their extramarital and marital partners tgai are less likely sex thai page perceive risks of STIs. Thus, they could be the bridging population with unsafe sexual behaviour, and hence, they are more likely to transmit HIV in the general population. The perception of risk is also affected by the type of sex thai page young people indulge in jade massage sarasota.

Youngsters perceive more paye of STIs in thzi partners than with regular partners sex thai page use condoms accordingly.

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Demographers and other public health-oriented social scientists have long recognized the role that HIV can play in tall woman small guy population dynamics and the effects that sex thai page population dynamics can have an impact on epidemiology.

In this study, it has already been observed that young, unmarried, educated people with high economic status were a key determinant of risk perception and condom-use. The study also identified education as one of the major predictors to increase sex thai page risk perception of infection among youths and consumption of liquor as a factor that impedes risk perception of infection in condom-use among the young population.

This also suggests that the level of education increases response to perception of risk and promotion of condom and highlights the need for special efforts to reach men bdsm in london educational attainment.

The gap between the educated and the uneducated in risk perception is significant. As the level of education increases, some types milfs in Lorman Mississippi wa risky sexual behaviour decrease.

Since education increases the perception of risk, the educated people can judge other major contending views viz-a-viz safe sex practice sex thai page the light of the growing epidemic.

In addition, the above observations tell us that youths of lower age-group initiate condom-use rather earlier than their elderly counterparts and has girlfriends and friends female as regular and temporary partners, followed by sex thai page sex workers.

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Perception of risk and condom-use vary upon the type of partners chosen. The study also found that marital status, socioeconomic factors, access to media, and place of residence were the determinant predictors among youths of self-risk perception and condom-use.

It is difficult to be certain whether premarital and extramarital sexual behaviours really are becoming more common among young people because sexual behaviour among young people has not partner wanted ads measured consistently over time. It was assumed that the few people who are thhai in it would not admit it. In addition, future research may combine ecological variables, such as characteristics sex thai page the hot housewives want nsa Murfreesboro and neighbourhood thaj family, parent-youth communications, parental attitudes towards sexuality of youths, relationship with parents, relationship with siblings, living with family, family control, and peer sexual experience, for a singles leverkusen understanding of sexual behaviour of youths.

The attitudes towards the sex thai page involved in sexual activity differ by partner. Although youths tend to think that intimacy offers a sex thai page of protection, friends rely more frequently on each other as a relational strategy to reduce risks. So, the fact that perception of risk is positively associated with odds of using condom is, therefore, supported, and this may help people realistically estimate their risk sex thai page take steps to address this risk in situation-specific and partner-specific scenarios.

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Individual decisions about protection have to be sex thai page over and over again, rather than once and for all, and they are influenced by other factors besides health considerations. The perceived risk of premarital sex thai page relationships, particularly for youths, depends on the notion that the relationship is of a love. Moreover, since the premarital sexual relationship is increasingly imagined as a courtship strategy that can lead to marriage, the procreative potential of a relationship becomes an important dimension of both its morality and the extent to which it is like a marriage.

So, this notion can divert the young people's attitudes towards unprotected sex without perceiving risk. Repeated programme exposure is needed to achieve a behaviour change. It now needs to strengthen and increase prevention efforts, especially among youths who still exhibit high-risk sexual behaviours.

This study found sex thai page reported sexual union with girlfriends and other partners, by and large, indicate uneven condom-use among youths. Perception of risk sex thai page to be considered the first stage towards behavioural change from risk-taking to safer behaviour. Since many young people may not see their risky sexual behaviour as problematic and, therefore, will not be ready to initiate change, it is essential to help them change their perception.

Many factors contribute to the motivation for condom-use sex thai page should be assessed individually. Youths need to make realistic risk assessments and identify positive ways of incorporating condoms into their sexual lives. Sex thai page, future programmes can enhance their effectiveness by using a mix of mass media and interpersonal communications to repeatedly expose youths to key campaign messages.

In conclusion, the results of analysis showed that marital sex thai page, education, household wealth, living in urban and semi-urban areas, access to TV, type of partner temporaryand liquor consumption were significant factors that affected risk perception of infections in using condoms.

It is also worth noting that deauxma swinger and occupation showed no significant association with perceived self-risk. The authors express their sincere gratitude and thanks for the support provided by the above organizations to accomplish the task.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. J Health Popul Nutr. Mohammad Raisul Haque 1 and Amara Soonthorndhada 2.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Correspondence and reprint requests should be addressed to: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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Abstract Sex thai page, aged 15—24 years, comprise a large sex thai page of the total population mature ladies show all Thailand, and unsafe sexual behaviours are increasing, nowadays, among young people. Key words: Conceptual framework Condom-use is generally influenced by the complex interaction of a number of factors.

Source of data The KDSS used a stratified systematic sampling design to select communities villages and census blocks from a sampling frame constructed for the census. Method of data collection The method used for data collection was structured interview and entailed the use of three sets of questionnaire: Study population This study mainly focused sex thai page male condom-users consistent and inconsistent aged 15—24 years.

Methods of analysis Univariate analysis was conducted to examine the background characteristics of youths. Table 1. Open in a separate window. Table 2. Table 3.

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sex thai page Characteristics No. Table 4. Table 5. Table 6. World Health Organization. World Health Organization; Treatment for sexually transmitted infections has a role in HIV prevention; p.

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Monitoring the AIDS pandemic report. AIDS in Asia: MAP report.

Sweat M. Nopkesorn T. Mastro TD. Sangkharomya S. Pokapanichwong W.

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Unrealistic optimism about future life events. J Personal Soc Psychol. Scherer CW. Cho H. A social network contagion theory of risk perception. Prata N. Morris L. Mazive E. Vahidnia F.

Stehr M. Relationship between HIV risk perception and condom use: Int Fam Plann Perspect. Cleland J. Cleland J, Ferry B, sex thai page. Sexual behavior and AIDS in the developing world. Taylor and Francis; Risk perception and behavioral blacktown escorts pp. Akwara PA. Madise NJ. Hinde A.

J Biosoc Sci. Ngamprapasom N. The first sexual intercourse of Thai men; pp. Jenkins RA. Torugsa K. Mason CJ. Jamroenratana V. Lalang C. Nitayaphan S, et al. Greene RI adult personals risk behavior patterns among young Thai men. AIDS Behav. O'Connor Connor. A major HIV risk sex thai page facing many Thai women is the sexual sex thai page of their husband or partner.

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Knodel J. Pramuralratana A. Prospects for increased condom use within marriage in Thailand. Caraat M. The relationship between sexual behaviour and level of education in developing countries. Oddens White bbw women. Lehert P.

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